We’re in the business of helping people – people like you. We provide the space, time and a few novel tools to help you dig in, do the work and let your inner gritty goddess shine through (sounds cliche, but it’s what we do).

We wanted to introduce you to a few very special women, our Grace & Grit Ambassadors, who have attended a Rejuvenation Retreat and have graciously agreed to share their story with the hope of helping you discover yours.

You may need more than a testimonial to know if the Rejuvenation Retreat is right for you. We hope their powerful stories get you fired up and ready to take the plunge and join our growing community.

Our Grace & Grit Ambassadors

Jess Ireland, London, ON


I was coming off of a challenging summer season, where I needed to demonstrate a lot of personal grit – and work on giving myself a lot of grace. When a friend sent me Live It Active’s Rejuvenation Retreat in Guelph, ON, it felt a bit like fate. I looked forward to a day where I could take in others’ stories, have fun and reflect. I was surprised by the level of consideration, compassion and encouragement I received throughout the day – it gave me more peace of mind than anticipated. I chose to be a Grace & Grit Ambassador because, to me, the role means supporting opportunities for people to invest in themselves and their goals, and to understand their inherent worthiness in a world where it’s easy to forget it. For me, that’s not just a priority for myself – it’s something I hope to help others see in themselves and celebrate.

Image features Jess at the Rejuvenation Retreat, ON, 2018. Photo taken by Jenny Thompson.

Yolaunda Courtney, Calgary, AB


I was scrolling social media at a time in my life when I felt disconnected – from work, my family and myself. It was like I was just going through the motions – each day the same. A never ending cycle of early mornings, eating my lunch at my desk and rushing to pick up my kid at the last minute before making dinner.

When I saw the retreat, two words stood out: grit and grace; traits I strove to conjure in everything I did but felt I was sadly lacking. At that moment in life, I was shifting to a new role and the thought of continuing the cycle of running through life but not experiencing it called for fostering more of this illusive grit and grace.

I asked two friends to join me and quickly registered. One said yes, but when the day came she wasn’t able to go. However, I was on a mission. A mission to find the grace I was missing from life.

The quiet space and the first snow of the season helped set the stage for a intentional session led by Morgan at The Heart of Bragg Creek. Everything felt right – the group of women coming together to harness our internal grace seemed fitting as we started the day on our mats in a circle. The workbook asked questions that needed to be asked and allowed us the time and space to consider them. I walked away feeling something that I hadn’t felt in years – self love for reconnecting through yoga, meditation and this beautiful world next to the ethereal Treaty 7 land.

After the session, I came back and chose to do things different – I chose to be more active in my life with my family (yoga mornings with a 3 year old anyone?!!). I chose to find my path to my passion in my career and while I left the retreat without a personal manifesto, I spent the next month thinking, revisiting the workbook and finally, cultivated one that fit.

Originally I felt pulled in all directions: a mom, a wife, an employee, and my own self. Through this session, it felt good to remember that everything starts with finding space for the grace for myself. 

“Be the person your younger self needed: be calm and be brave, be lively and open to exploring, be quiet but find time to be loud. Be everything you want to be. Authentic.”

In talking with Morgan and considering my journey, I said yes to becoming an ambassador because we all need a space to find ourselves. This retreat provided the balance to move, both physically and mentally with other strong women. Sharing stories and experience (Buti yoga!!!!). You don’t need to be a certain person, size, fitness level to attend these sessions. You just have to have an open mind and heart.