We specialize in curated experiences for professional women striving to balance work and home. This doesn’t mean we aren’t able to connect with more diverse audiences, but this is our niche. Why? Because our beloved owner, Morgan, is a professional woman striving to balance home and work and has developed these workshops and complimentary workbook to support this demographic.

Cultivating Grit & Grace: A Workplace Workshop Series

  • Audience: Women of all ages and stages
  • 4 x 2-hour workshops over a 4-6 week period
  • 12 participants
  • Workbook provided

In this workshop series, participants will be asked challenging and thought-provoking questions, engage in insightful group discussion and independent study to craft their personal and professional mission statement. A mission statement clarifies our passion and supports our ability to persevere when the going gets tough. It is a necessary component of developing and fostering grit.

Why should employers care? When your people are working in roles that align with their professional mission statement, they do better work, are more productive, and stick around. Furthermore, it will help them weather the inevitable storms of the working world and be a more resilient employee, creating a more resilient and thriving organization.

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Cultivating Grit & Grace: Returning from Maternity Leave 

  • Audience: Women returning from maternity leave; supporting managers
  • 2 x 2-hour in-person sessions; 2 x 1-hour one-on-one support (for employees and managers)
  • No limit on participants
  • Workbook provided

Statistics demonstrate a large proportion of women do not return to work following maternity leave or many return only to leave shortly thereafter. Many women report challenges with scheduling, work-home balance and overall satisfaction with their work. And how can they not? Life has changed irrevocably, but this monumental life shift often does not translate well into the working world.

Employers have an incredible opportunity at this critical life juncture for women (and more and more men) to lean in, ask questions, get engaged, and take strategic and swift steps to keep women at work. We believe the issue isn’t that women don’t want to work, it’s that women want to work differently and may want to explore new areas / challenges, but the opportunities are not being presented.

This targeted workshop will leverage the tools in the Grit & Grace workshop with a specific focus on professional women returning after maternity leave and their managers. It will engage occupational health and embedded wellness services at your organization to facilitate more deliberate conversations with employees about their return and their aspirations.

The goal of this workshop series is to provide the employee and manager the opportunity to introspect, understand their new “self”, write their professional manifesto, discuss and facilitate a more robust and long-lasting return to work. We don’t just want people back, we want them to stick around, grow and thrive.

As individuals return at a variety of times, in-person sessions would be smaller and less frequent, but complemented by the one-on-one support sessions. Pricing is based on a per person basis.

Email liveitactive@gmail.com to book your session.

For more details on topics and pricing, please contact me at liveitactive@gmail.com.