Morgan came into our firm to facilitate a wellness workshop. In the weeks leading up the event, Morgan was highly responsive via email and phone, and she was very well-prepared on the day of. In addition, one of the most admirable traits Morgan has is an awareness of her own limitations. I asked if it would be possible to incorporate a specific element into the event, and she informed me that she had minimal expertise in that area, and wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching it to the masses. I think this is a true sign on genuine care for her sessions and passion to add real value. During the session, Morgan was able to relate to corporate employees and provide a safe space for open conversations. Her wit, light-hearted and positive attitude made working with her effortless and an absolute joy.

Ellen Hall, Accenture

Morgan Craig-Broadwith was a guest speaker at the February 2018 Calgary Exchange Group event focused on supporting mental health in the workplace. In her one-hour presentation, Morgan shared her unique approach to explore grit and resilience with recommendations on how to cultivate these fundamental traits both as individuals and within the organization to invoke positive change. Morgan’s approach strikes an excellent balance between humor and sharing valuable insights, keeping the audience engaged and actively participating throughout her presentation.

Leah McLaughlin, Communications Director, Calgary Exchange Group

Loved the whole day! I look forward to future ones with a parent topic speaker and possible wine and cheese reception. Great venue and opportunity for relaxation 🙂

Retreat Participant

The day was truly a blessing. I hope to do more of these retreats and inspire a daily routine. Thank you for sharing the day with me.

Evon Winnicki, Retreat Participant

I invited Morgan to Whitehorse to present to members of the Canadian Bar Association on the topic of mental health in the workplace. Her presentation was as funny and engaging as it was informative. The attendees came out of the presentation with a better understanding of mental health issues that may affect them or their colleagues at work, as well as practical advice on how to help someone struggling with such issues. I would absolutely recommend Morgan’s services.

Genevieve Chabot, Canadian Bar Association

I recently had the opportunity to attend to Morgan’s mindfulness session in addition to her Understanding Stress & Mastering Resiliency education session, as we were facing challenging times at the office.  Morgan was able to turn the confusion we had into a journey on where, without judgement, she encouraged us to: isolate our feelings, to slow down our thoughts, to gain more understanding of our self being and the process we were going through, and how to articulate and activate the available options to manage it.  She showed respect and empathy, she made us all accept the facts with no judgement, she helped us all in many ways – as a close friend who understood our challenges, as a guide who outlined the route and path forward, as a professional with amazing facilitation skills who shared her knowledge and made it easy for everyone to comprehend.  Thanks Morgan, with your help, “we made it through the rain”.

Domingo Romero, Oil and Gas Employee