Being an adult human is hard work.

We work. We clean. We do laundry. We email. We cook (some of us like this). We text. We do yard work. We parent. We email again. We socialize. We repeat.

And in the hustle, we lose ourselves. Or perhaps, we haven’t found ourselves quite yet. We haven’t allocated the time it takes to dig in, go deep and discover our essence – what ignites us, what drives us, what sets our soul on fire. We’ve coined this The Personal Manifesto (and we help you discover and write yours). Retreating into ourselves doesn’t require a physical location or special day, but sometimes it helps; it helps kick-start the journey or support you on your already initiated adventure.

Our curated retreats support professional women striving to balance home and work. We focus on grit and grace: what these traits entail, why they’re important and how to cultivate them in today’s world of go, go, go.

Live It Active is in the business of helping people thrive. We give you the space and time to be with yourself, to ask questions, to listen and to contemplate. We ensure the space, food, specialists and overall experience is restorative and rejuvenating.

Live It Active is pleased to offer our most recent creation, The Rejuvenation Retreat: Cultivating Grit & Grace. This retreat focuses on exactly what the title suggests, grit and grace. We have created a tailored workbook to help you explore these concepts in a deep and honest way with many tools to help bring out the gritty badass deep within. Our primary focus is the creation of The Personal Manifesto (it sounds daunting, but we make it fun).

We offer one day and weekend retreats that feature a variety of relaxation mediums including Buti Yoga, mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, forest bathing (don’t worry, it’s not bathing in the forest), tai chi, massage, hiking, quiet reflection and more.

If you’re ready, our retreats can be profound experiences. Check out our past retreats. Please click here for information on upcoming retreats.