Being an adult human is hard work.

We work. We clean. We do laundry. We email. We cook (some of us like this). We text. We do yard work. We parent. We email again. We socialize. We repeat.

Sometimes we forget to sit (or we sit too much). To be still. To rest. To relax. To unwind from the demands of our day to day. Sometimes our coping mechanisms to support our success have become worn down or broken. And sometimes we need a little help to bring these coping mechanisms back to life or, simply, we need something new.

Live It Active is in the business of helping people unwind, reconnect, restore and explore new coping mechanisms to support long-term success. We like helping. We ensure the space, food, specialists and overall experience is restorative and rejuvenating.

This year, Live It Active will focus exploring balance for working women and new moms. As a new and now working mom, Morgan wants to help other women and new parents find time for rest and rejuvenation.

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