Live It Active is pleased to offer a variety of services to support the growth and evolution of your organization’s (and the individuals that work within it) health.


Cultivating a meaningful and impactful health and wellness corporate strategy isn’t easy. In fact, if you don’t get it right, it can create more damage and upheaval than if you had simply done nothing. Why? Because you have to genuinely give a damn in order for your employees to give one too. No one is going to be hot and bothered to make a positive health change if they don’t believe in their leaders. And there’s no question that healthier people do better work (if you want the research, we’ll send it to you).

Health Strategy

Let Live It Active help you build and execute a research-driven, comprehensive health strategy to better the physical and mental health of your people and overall organization. In her previous roles, Morgan successfully cultivated and implemented a variety of small- to large-scale health and wellness strategies for non-profit and private organizations and would love to develop one for your organization.

We understand the importance of working with multiple stakeholders including human resources, communications, health and safety, and various business units to ensure the strategy is integrated into the business. Furthermore, we understand the power of building real relationships (i.e. getting out to the field and meeting your people). No one is going to open up and eventually buy into something without trust. During her time at ConocoPhillips, Morgan built trust with employees across Alberta, from Fort McMurray to Hanna, by getting out there and listening.

Live It Active is able to create unique measurement tools to meaningfully assess metrics to ensure what we are doing is making a difference. To ensure the strategy has legs and can grow, we will train and empower internal employees. No need to keep us around (well, unless you want to).

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One-off Wellness Initiatives

Not digging an entire health and wellness strategy? No problem. Live It Active is able to work with your team to develop exciting, interactive and effective one-off wellness initiatives to inspire and invigorate your people. In a prior role, Morgan developed a unique 5-month mental health campaign entitled, FIVEinFIVE, to support the mental health of all staff, not simply the 1 in 5 who will develop a mental illness. But it’s more than mental health – initiatives can range from a team walk-a-thon to a monthly themed campaign to improve heart health. The world is your oyster.

Initiatives can be long or short, simple or complex, costly or inexpensive. Live It Active will work with you to understand your needs, brainstorm and present options and assist with the execution, if required.

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Public Speaking & Workshops

Live It Active is pleased to offer a range of public speaking and workshop topics. Morgan adores connecting with audiences on a variety of subjects including mental illness in the workplace, how to better manage stress, and the benefits of physical activity for a more fulfilling life. Having worked in south-western Ontario and Alberta as a public speaker and health educator, Morgan has had the privilege of working with a variety of organizations in the health, financial, hotel, and energy industries as well as non-profit organizations and unions. Workshop and speaking topics are listed below. Tailored sessions are also available.

One more bonus – we come to you. All workshop sessions can be easily hosted in your workplace OR we can find a rad spot in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Getting Gritty: Crafting Your Mission Statement 

  • Audience: All staff
  • Half-day workshop
  • 12-25 participants
  • Workbook provided

In this half-day workshop, participants will be asked challenging and thought-provoking questions, engage in insightful group discussion and independent study to craft their personal and professional mission statement. A mission statement clarifies our passion and supports our perseverance when the going gets tough. It is a necessary component of developing and fostering grit.

Why should employers care? When your people are working in roles that align with their professional mission statement, they do better work, are more productive, and stick around. Furthermore, it will help them weather the inevitable storms of the working world and be a more resilient employee.

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Leading a Mentally Healthy Team: A How-to Workshop for Managers 

  • Audience: Managers and senior leaders
  • Half or full-day workshop
  • 12-20 participants
  • Workbook provided

Through a variety of mediums, this workshop will challenge participants’ conceptions of mental illness, encouraging them to be honest about their biases and assumptions. Participants will leave with a better understanding of mental illness and mental health issues most common in the workplace, strategies to address and support direct reports or colleagues experiencing a mental health issue, and an increased feeling of confidence and comfort with an often misunderstood illness.

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Mental Health for All: Recognizing and Addressing the Signs of Mental Health Issues 

  • Audience: All staff
  • One-hour session
  • 25-50 participants

In this one-hour session, participants will gain understanding and insight into an often misunderstood illness. Participants will better understand the signs that may indicate a mental health issue, how to reach out to someone who may be struggling, and the benefits of social support in the workplace. With the right approach and language, your employees will feel more empowered to reach out, connect, be vulnerable and help someone. How awesome is that?

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Tailored Sessions

Not seeing what you want? Morgan has more tricks up her sleeve and would be happy to chat further about ideas.

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