Morgan adores connecting with audiences on a variety of subjects including mental illness in the workplace, how to better manage stress, and the benefits of physical activity for a more fulfilling life. Having worked in south-western Ontario and Alberta as a public speaker and health educator, Morgan has had the privilege of working with a variety of organizations in the health, financial, hotel, and energy industries as well as non-profit organizations and unions.

Through presentations and workshops, Morgan works closely with employees and employers to help them better understand the complexities of addressing mental illness and mental health issues in the workplace. Using a variety of mediums, Morgan challenges her audiences’ conceptions of mental illness, encouraging them to be honest about their biases and assumptions. Audience members leave with a better understanding of mental illness and mental health issues most common in the workplace, strategies to address and support direct reports or colleagues experiencing a mental health issue, and an increased feeling of confidence and comfort with an often misunderstood illness.

With a strong background in exercise physiology and experience as an exercise instructor, Morgan is also able to get audience members moving, stretching and energized. Morgan believes, when it comes to physical activity, something is better than nothing and anything, from skiing to gardening, can be considered something. Through candid discussion and encouraging dialogue, Morgan motivates her audiences to think about the way they live and find simple strategies to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.

Specific Speaking Topics: Mental Illness in the Workplace; Managing Stress through Social Support; Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: Leader session; Being Vulnerable: My Personal Story. Sessions can range from 1-hour to 3-hours for leadership sessions.

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