Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday Online Series 

Looking for fun, creative and approachable ways to tap into and sustain your inner zen? Is that a “heck yes” I hear? Well, then hold onto your hat and join me for a 6-week online journey where I share practical tools, guided meditations, and fun and insightful weekly videos along with your own personal guide.

In this course I delve into the myths of meditation, explore what it means to create space and cultivate compassion for your self, how to tap into your spirituality through play, and so much more. You can move through each week in the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas. All you need is a quiet and comfortable space, dedicated time, and a set of headphones (if you get distracted easily).

You’ll have access to this course forever (whether you want it or not), your own workbook, and a roster of guided meditations (ranging from mantras to body scans). It’s a steal of a deal, if I may say so myself.

What can you expect?



Sign me up, baby

Don’t delay, email me today at liveitactive@gmail.com and kick-start or reignite your inner journey to find a little more zen and peace. Every week I’ll send you your videos, workbook and guided meditations and a little note of encouragement to help keep you on track.