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2019 Retreats

February 9, 2019, Cochrane, AB

The Rejuvenation Retreat Winter Refresh:

Cultivating Grace & Grit

We work. We parent (our human or fur babies). We clean. We cook. We repeat. We are badasses.

We get sick. We burn out. We want change. 

So let’s change – together. 

Women of all ages and stages, you are invited to spend the day connecting with yourself, a person that matters greatly to many, but is too often overlooked. This one-of-a-kind curated retreat will feature dynamic and diverse local experts who will guide you through uplifting and restorative yoga, mindfulness practice, forest bathing, and an opportunity to dig in and ask the big questions to explore the deep dark abyss of the heart.

Over the course of the day, you will be gently exposed to the concept of cultivating grit and the importance of grace to help weather the inevitable life storms. You will spend time reflecting, journalling and discussing your experiences as they arise. You will receive a workbook developed and designed to support your personal exploration of grit and grace. This may elicit feelings of momentary discomfort, but we need this energizing emotion to engage in real, badass change.

The goal of the day is to encourage calm and rest, but also to help you initiate and / or write your Personal Manifesto. This is a declaration of your overarching life purpose; the macro goal that drives all micro goals; a declaration of your essence. This is no easy feat and requires time. You may only walk away with an inkling as opposed to a fully fledged Manifesto – that’s OK. This day and workbook will help you kickstart this exciting process.

And, of course, you will eat. You will eat delicious, soul-soothing and life-affirming food that will make even your toes feel good. You’ll leave feeling nourished in body, heart and mind.

Let this day be a day for rest, laughter, self-discovery, and connection. Let this be a day for you.

To hear from past retreat participants and their respective journey, please visit my website.


Detailed Itinerary:

8:30       Arrival and welcome
9:00       Uplifting & Energizing Yoga
10:00     Exploring Grace: Self-Compassion and Worth Exercise & Discussion
11:00     Mindfulness & Quiet Reflection
12:15     Lunch
1:00       Exploring the Forest (Walking meditation or Shinrin-yoku)
2:15       Exploring Grit: Exploring Passion & The Personal Manifesto
3:00       Yoga Nidra with Tamie Murphy
4:00       Closing Discussion


For those interested in booking a night at The Crossing at Ghost River (a most magnificent place), please contact Carol at Room rates are $157 per night + tax and service charges. This is not included in the Retreat pricing.

If you do decide to stay over, please let me know. If we have 6 people or more, I will facilitate a complimentary silent walking meditation in the morning (bright and early).


REGISTER TODAY. Early bird ticket: $200.00 (until December 31st, 2018); Regular ticket price: $225.00. 

Limited spots available; register today or email Morgan at to reserve your spot.  Stay tuned for information on our upcoming 2019 Retreats…we can’t wait to meet you.

May 4/5, Cochrane, AB

The Rejuvenation Retreat: Cultivating Grace & Grit

Registration to open February 1, 2019


September 28/29, 2019, Location TBD

The Rejuvenation Retreat: Cultivating Grace & Grit 2.0 

Registration to open May 1, 2019


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