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We offer beautifully curated retreats for professional women striving to balance home and work. We focus on the cultivation of grit and grace by providing tools to tap into passion (i.e. what gets you fired up) and ways to persevere (i.e. how to summon and maintain strength to overcome setbacks over the long haul). Tapping into passion is a critical component for doing great work, but tuning into grace provides the tools to move through adversity and setbacks in a different, more balanced way; this is relevant to employees, employers and any and all individuals.Your inner gritty badass is waiting to emerge, you may just need the right fire, the right tools or community to help get you started. We’re ready for you.

We’ve been on quite a journey since our inception. Started in 2011, Live It Active offered stress management seminars and Zumba classes (Morgan loves getting people out of their comfort zone and shaking their tail feathers). In 2012, Morgan took a leap of faith and moved out west to start her career in workplace mental health and thus, Live It Active took a few years off. During that time, Morgan continued to travel across Canada and speak to the importance of mental health and it got her wondering, “is there a market for this?” (of course there is).

After maternity leave numero uno, Morgan re-launched Live It Active and ran the first Rejuvenation Retreat, a retreat for women of all ages and stages to find pause, rest, calm and new tools to explore well-being. Morgan continued to speak to workplaces on mental health and resilience (and will still do so happily), but realized she wanted to dive in, give her retreatants more, to give them the tools to get grittier and explore the dark abyss of the heart.

The Rejuvenation Retreat: Cultivating Grace & Grit provides the space, workbook, conversation, community, and post-retreat support to facilitate the development of grit and grace. It’s not just a day of rest, it’s a day to ask big questions, explore worth and compassion with the ultimate goal of writing your Personal Manifesto: a declaration to the world of your life’s work; your overarching passion; the macro goal that drives all micro goals. It isn’t easy work, but it’s imperative (in Morgan’s opinion) to live a wholehearted, courageous life.

We are focusing on the individual right now, but we’re planning on entering the workplace. We know there is a need for this work in the corporate space. We know there is more we can offer in terms of in-person and online support. We’re coming for you (in a good way).

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