The Owner

Live It Active is owned and operated by Morgan Craig-Broadwith, a health and wellness specialist with a genuine passion for helping people find balance and peace while ensuring they have a little fun along the way (who doesn’t like a good belly laugh?).

Morgan started Live It Active back in 2011, supporting organizations in southern Ontario to manage stress and find fun in physical activity. Realizing she needed a full-time income (as a start-up usually requires a wee bit of time), Morgan and her now hubby, traveled a few thousand kilometers or so and landed in Calgary, Alberta.

Since arriving in Alberta, Morgan has worked in the non-profit and private sectors, specifically in oil and gas. In her various roles, Morgan has connected with thousands of Albertans from steel workers to bankers to power engineers to talk about the importance of mental and physical health. She has spearheaded workplace mental health programs, education sessions and seminars, and developed the FIVEinFIVE campaign: a mental health and resiliency initiative to support the five in five of us who have the capacity to build mental health (not simply the 1 in 5 who will develop a mental illness).

The Business

Live It Active wants to help individuals and organizations thrive. How we make that happen depends on the unique needs of the individual or workplace. Perhaps a more focused health strategy is required. Perhaps your team requires a more in-depth understanding of mental health (or resiliency or grit…you get the picture) and how to cultivate and sustain it in the workplace. Or perhaps you’re someone in search of serenity and need a moment to unwind and refocus (I mean, who doesn’t?). We are delighted to offer a range of services from strategy development to workplace education to rejuvenating retreats to help support you, your team and your organization.

Over the next few years, Morgan plans to build and develop her retreat and event offerings. For information on upcoming events, click here. And if you have a moment, read about our incredibly successful 2017 Rejuvenation Retreat.

Morgan lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband, daughter and son. She received her M.Sc., Exercise Physiology and B.A. (Honours), Psychology from Queen’s University. She currently works in oil and gas as part of a human resources team where she continues to explore opportunities to support employee health, development and growth. During her first maternity leave, Morgan started the Mountain Mommas Hiking Group, enjoying several beautiful hikes throughout the Rocky Mountains. Morgan is Manager, Talent Development and Growth for Young Women in Energy, a non-profit, volunteer-run, female empowerment organization and supports the Food Bank whenever she can. As an Albertan from Ontario, Morgan spends as much time in the mountains as possible – hiking, meditating and exploring the great beyond.