Morgan Craig-Broadwith, Chief Wellness Officer

Live It Active is owned and operated by Morgan Craig-Broadwith, a health and wellness specialist with a genuine passion for helping individuals become gritty badasses while ensuring they remain compassionate to themselves along the way (we can’t soldier on if we aren’t well, right?).

Since re-launching Live It Active in Alberta (it started back in 2011 in her hometown of Guelph, ON), Morgan has honed her business model to provide curated experiences for professional women striving to balance home and work. Specifically, Morgan has developed and facilitated unique retreats and workshops for women of all ages and stages focusing on the cultivation of grit and grace. Tapping into passion is a critical component for doing great work, but tuning into grace provides the tools to move through adversity and setbacks in a different, more balanced way; this is relevant to employees, employers and any and all individuals.

Morgan’s differentiator: she acutely understands the unique challenges of the corporate world because she works in it; Morgan has and will continue to work in the energy sector while continuing to operate Live It Active. This will deepen her understanding of the challenges faced by female professionals and their employers.

Morgan’s background is psychology and exercise physiology, with a specific focus on psychological health. Throughout her career thus far, she has developed and implemented countless workplace psychological and physical health programs, initiatives and education sessions / workshops. She loves challenging the status quo, asking the big questions and incorporating the odd high kick into her presentations.

The Business

Live It Active provides curated experiences (from workplace seminars to retreats) for professional women striving to balance home and work. We focus on the cultivation of grit and grace by providing tools to tap into passion (i.e. what gets people fired up) and ways to persevere (i.e. how to summon and maintain strength to overcome setbacks over the long haul). We do this in the workplace or in the mountains. We work for employers and individuals.

Are you an employer and want to book us? Perfect. We offer curated workplace seminars and workshops to support women of all ages and stages to thrive. For more information or learn more here.

Are you an individual looking for something different? Check out our retreats here.

Morgan lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband, daughter and son. She received her M.Sc., Exercise Physiology and B.A. (Honours), Psychology from Queen’s University. She currently works in oil and gas as part of a human resources team where she continues to explore opportunities to support employee health, development and growth. As an Albertan from Ontario, Morgan spends as much time in the mountains as possible – hiking, meditating and exploring the great beyond.

Photograph taken by Jenny Thompson.