2020 Retreats & Events

November 18 – December 16, 7 PM MST, 2020

The Diamond Series: Virtual 

Registration is open!

Over the last many months (sometimes feels like days, other times like years), I’ve been doing some exploring, digging and uncovering. It’s been quite the spiritual journey and I’m still in motion. As I explore and synthesize, I wanted to invite you to join me.

The Diamond Series (I can’t wait to share the story behind the name), a five-week virtual series, will focus on a variety of themes starting with our creative life-force, our expression of who we are, to the heart centre, our intuitive guide that we so often deny and suppress. It will blend guided meditations with unguided exploration. We will learn together as we delve into the deeper, more spiritual aspects and forces that influence who we are and who we will become.

How do you know this is for you? Great question. This is for you if you’ve felt or uttered (with your inside or outside voice), any of the following:

  • “Re-arranging the external components of my life (e.g. my job, house, car, friends, hobbies) isn’t changing how I feel”
  • “I’m not as clear on my purpose anymore”
  • “I’ve never felt a sense of purpose or clarity on what I’m to do”
  • “I feel disconnected or discontented and nothing seems to be changing that feeling”
  • “Something is pulling at me from the inside and I want to explore what it is”
  • “I want to connect to something bigger than myself”

Five-week Series Outline

Every Wednesday evening, November 18 – December 16, 7:00 – 7:45 PM MST

  • The Life Force – Connecting with our creative channel
  • The Yin Energy – Honing chaos and understanding feminine power
  • The Yang Energy – Relinquishing control and understanding masculine power
  • The Heart – Attuning to our intuitive guide
  • The Mind – Learning detachment


  • Price per person: $45.00

Email Morgan at liveitactive@gmail.com to reserve your spot.